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NOTE: This site is just meant to demonstrate the basic functionality that is available to you. Its final design, scope and functionality can be customized to your exact requirements.

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When you need to not just display your webcast live stream and your archived  webcasts for free on your custom designed website, but also need to provide additional functionality like visitor registration, unique password protection & online payments from registrants, we can develop a full service site that can do all of that & more…

Following development you can either manage this site yourself through your own control panel or have us manage it for you for a very nominal charge. Pricing details (Option C) can be reviewed here…

Your live webcast screen could have an optional Live Interactive Chat screen alongside your video box – and of course, the URL of your site would reflect your company name e.g. to send out to your viewers ahead of the event or after the event to view the archived videos. Any or all screens can also be password protected to restrict access to registered and paid-up viewers only.

…and of course, if you would prefer to host your site on your own separate hosting platform and with its own domain name, we can certainly arrange that for you. for a reliable yet inexpensive web hosting platform