Developing Your Own Live Stream Webcasting Platform

Monetize Your Event Webcast

ppv-service Monetize your live streams using our integrated Pay-per-View (PPV) solution.

Now you can maximize your event revenues by using our platform to easily implement a user friendly and versatile Pay Per View solution with a number of useful features!

Using our simple Pay per View (PPV) service you can…

  • Maximize the revenues from your event
  • Accept payment via credit card, PayPal, Amazon Payments, and even Bitcoin!
  • Create different pricing options
  • You can sell tickets for a set duration in order to sell a PPV event or even offer recurring billing memberships.
  • You can set multiple prices, offer time sensitive promotional discounts, and even offer “pay what you want” access.
  • Crowdfund
  • Offer free access to your streams but prompt viewers for monetary support.
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Manage your own account
  • Generate reports
  • Generate analytics on your revenue.

You are only charged a small commission for each transaction (or a small flat fee for transactions under $1.99)


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Host Your Own Live Webcast, on your own, custom designed screen, using this simple platform to look so much more Professional!

Now you can even register viewers, password protect your webcast screens and much more...

"MediaPower has been able to take our seminars & conferences to another level.

"We can now offer our educational programs to members all over the province without them having to travel to Vancouver. It is a fantastic addition to our programs & I could not have done it without MediaPower!

"Great Price Point & Excellent Quality!"

Erin Monahan
Education Director
Trial Lawyers Association of BC


Company AGMs
Investor Relations
Political Functions
Product Launches
Corporate Functions
Conferences & Lectures
Seminars & Workshops
Town Hall Meetings
Training Courses
Sporting Events
Even Weddings
Memorial Services & more...

Just give us a call at 604.970.5055 and ask what we can do for you to make your live event webcasting website look & feel so much more professional.