Developing Your Own Live Stream Webcasting Platform

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Whether its conferences, association meetings, workshops, online training, or product launches, the ability of any organization to display its events on their own website, complete with their own corporate branding, is a powerful way to communicate your message – one that says to the viewer that… “we are an organization that cares about promoting our public image in a thoroughly professional way”.

By hosting your live event streams on your own corporate platform you need not project the view of some amateurish-looking organizations which use ‘free platforms’ like YouTube and Facebook, or even host their event on another service provider’s site.

We can now provide you with the ability to host and run your live online video streams on your own site and provide remote participants with the opportunity to directly participate in your events knowing it was hosted, run and administered by your own company or association.

To that end we can offer whichever service you need – from the simple to the comprehensive, depending on your exact requirements – and all of them customized to run your Live Event Webcast on your own platform and under your own brand.

A Simple Live Stream Microsite:

Perfect for simple one-time or occasional events where you need to just broadcast your stream under your own banner – As an optional extra you can also include a Live Interactive Chat screen alongside the video player to facilitate audience interaction. You can also include an optional PPV (pay-per-view) feature that can be useful for generating additional revenue from your event.

A Live Webcasting site with a Video Archives section:

For recurring or regularly scheduled events, your Live Webcasting site can also include a full, video archives section to store old event videos for viewing On-Demand. These on-demand archives can also be monetized by using our pay-per-view systems to produce an ongoing revenue stream.

A Fully Comprehensive CMS Website including all of the above and more:

And finally, when you require a fully comprehensive site with all the bells and whistles, including user registrations, password protections, online payment collection, reporting and more, we offer this last, most powerful option.

Note: all these sites are built in a way that allows you to administer, edit and maintain them yourself – of course if you’d rather we handle that for you that too is not a problem.


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Host Your Own Live Webcast, on your own, custom designed screen, using this simple platform to look so much more Professional!

Now you can even register viewers, password protect your webcast screens and much more...

"MediaPower has been able to take our seminars & conferences to another level.

"We can now offer our educational programs to members all over the province without them having to travel to Vancouver. It is a fantastic addition to our programs & I could not have done it without MediaPower!

"Great Price Point & Excellent Quality!"

Erin Monahan
Education Director
Trial Lawyers Association of BC


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Even Weddings
Memorial Services & more...

Just give us a call at 604.970.5055 and ask what we can do for you to make your live event webcasting website look & feel so much more professional.