Developing Your Own Live Stream Webcasting Platform

Your Own Live Webcast Platform

web platform development for live streaming eventsLive Webcasting with streaming video has emerged as the prime method for communicating a business message, information or instructional content. 

Whether used for conferences, association workshops, employee training, enhanced marketing, or product launches, live online video streams provide remote participants with the opportunity to directly participate in events without having to travel to a physical location. 

However in reality, few organizations have the technical capability to stream their events on their own corporate platforms. Even fewer organizations are capable of using their platforms to register online participants, collect online ticket fees and restrict online access to only the viewers who have registered and/or paid for the privilege.

Professional associations as well as enterprise businesses, which have deployed live webcasting for communicating their information, have seen a significant increase in audience size as well as engagement. But until now, most of them have utilized other platforms without the ability to brand their own display pages.

Live Event Webcasting coupled with archived video available on-demand, have proven to be the most compelling method for an effective communication strategy, enabling wider distribution of information, enhancing knowledge sharing, collaboration & audience engagement.

Increasingly, major organizations are realizing the tremendous value of incorporating a secure event sharing solution on their own platforms, to take full advantage of this shift toward the universal consumption of live streaming video on desktops, laptops, mobile phones & tablets.

Now You Can Stream Your Event LIVE to a World Wide Audienceand All On Your Own Professionally Designed Web Platform!

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Host Your Own Live Webcast, on your own, custom designed screen, using this simple platform to look so much more Professional!

Now you can even register viewers, password protect your webcast screens and much more...

"MediaPower has been able to take our seminars & conferences to another level.

"We can now offer our educational programs to members all over the province without them having to travel to Vancouver. It is a fantastic addition to our programs & I could not have done it without MediaPower!

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Erin Monahan
Education Director
Trial Lawyers Association of BC


Company AGMs
Investor Relations
Political Functions
Product Launches
Corporate Functions
Conferences & Lectures
Seminars & Workshops
Town Hall Meetings
Training Courses
Sporting Events
Even Weddings
Memorial Services & more...

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